Application:Fill in the application form and fax to the Field Office of Organizing Committee.。
Charges:The Organizing Committee will distribute the demand note to the application unit (fax item), and the application unit shall remit the booth fees into the following account in two working days after receiving the note:
Booth confirmation:After receiving fees, the Organizing Committee will distribute the Booth Confirmation and Exhibition Notice to exhibitors in order to confirm relevant items such as preparation of booth, exhibition application, move-out, props lease and exhibits transportation, etc.
Exhibitors Registration
Time:On April 8 —16 (am) 8:00—(pm)5:30
Add:Field Office of Organizing Committee in the 1st floor of Shishi Garment Center
Contact person:Tianqi Wang、Penghua Su
Registration procedures
1.Hold the booth confirmation of organizer
2.Receive the exhibitor pass
3.Receive relevant information of exhibition
4.Transact bare space building procedures

Exhibition opening time
Exhibition time :On April 18 —21 (am) 8:00—(pm)5:30
Visit time:On April 18 —20 (am) 8:30—(pm)5:30
On April 21:(am) 8:30—(pm)5:30
1.Exhibitors shall not allowed to move-out before proved closing time.
2.Exhibitors shall enter in the exhibition center half an hour before visitors.